"Kara is one of those inspirational instructors with a cult following and a sphere of influence beyond just Zumba. She’s a certified personal trainer, maintains a day job in finance, and leads a multitude of other classes at N.Y.S.C."


Rated #1 Zumba Instructor for NYC on RYB in 2012

"Tops is Kara Doyle. Her energy is contagious, and she has inspired others to get their own Zumba certifications as well. The investment-banker-turned-group-fitness-instructor struggled with her own weight for most of her life and while she was a fan of group fitness, it was the last thing she thought she had the guts to teach. Her classes are truly amazing and must be experienced by all."


"My friend Kate had been raving about Kara Doyle's Zumba class for months. Kate is also a woman like me when it comes to exercise so I knew she couldn't be overselling this workout. She gets the job done and her body is evidence."

Student Testimonial, Susane Colasanti, NYC Best Selling Author


"In over 20 years of working out at many gyms, Kara Doyle is by far the most amazing fitness instructor I’ve ever had. She is in permanent beast mode. She is dorktastic in the best possible way. She has dazzling positive energy that motivates her students to work harder and inspires us to be better. I’ve only been working out with Kara for about three years, but in that time she has shaped me into someone who, for the first time ever, might actually be in rehearsal for the gun show".